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Business logistics: key trends that are here to stay

November 28, 2016


Technology is already playing a significant role today. We will continue to see this trend throughout the coming years. The reason technology greatly impacts businesses is that customers are demanding more visibility, and their expectations are changing. Today people want product delivery reliability and within their budget. Companies are looking for a trusted transportation and logistics provider to meet consumer trends.

The additional benefit of technology is the integration with customer processes. Collaborating to share real-time data strengthens relationships and increases visibility. Customers rely on their transportation and logistics partner to provide the best service and technology solutions.

Logistics Management’s State of Logistics 2016 reports that technology, operational regulations and requirements will impact how businesses work with their 3PL partners. The featured in this article indicates that companies adapting to these changes are coming out ahead. The report also supports what top experts in the logistics field are already seeing take place in the market.

Crucial relationships

Leveraging 3PLs continues to evolve, and it’s a necessary trend for supply-chain partners and customers. Open communication, understanding business needs, and collaboration are critical in establishing a successful relationship between customers and 3PLs. The results that businesses see from a productive relationship are improved efficiencies, cost savings and customized services. When working with a 3PL, it’s important to ensure that they are not only proactive and consultative, but can also meet the demands of business customers today, which include:

  1. Providing the right facilities and mode solution
  2. Technology + real-time data and communication
  3. Ability to understand needs and collaboration
  4. Thought leadership
  5. Ease of doing business

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