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How to get ahead of logistics challenges

December 14, 2017

By Michael Preisinger, Managing Director

Here’s an article recently published in Logistics Management. I’m sharing because it  provides some insightful analysis of logistics and encapsulates how Agforce Transport Services (ATS) approaches these kinds of hurdles in transportation.

Our organization focuses on business process improvement by deploying technology and streamlining communication. In order to cut through the noise and constant onslaught of apps, new rollouts and more, it’s critical to have an experienced and innovative logistics partner. ATS can help you sort through the clutter and find what best fits your business. We add value and help control costs by providing our deep experience in this realm. Fuel costs, the economy, driver shortages and government regulations are second nature to our teams—we can’t control them, but we can monitor and advise our customers how best to navigate these issues and what levers to pull when.

I hope you find this article as insightful as I do, and explains the value of having the right partner in your business to help monitor, advise, build a plan and execute it in a rapidly changing environment.

At Agforce, we’d love to discuss your current needs and challenges you may face as discussed in this article.  Please contact any member of our team at 844-713-6723 or email us at


Logistics Management: By DDC FPO; November 1, 2017

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