Case Study: MayerSeedLine

The Client

MayerSeedLine is a wholesale seed brokerage firm that specializes in seed corn, wheat and sunflower seeds. In addition to brokering existing inventory and arranging domestic, international and contra-season production for its customers, the company mediates transactions between its buyers and sellers by handling negotiations, writing contracts, scheduling samples, managing quality control, organizing shipments and facilitating payments.

The team at MayerSeedLine knows its industry so well that it can act as consultants and subject matter experts for its customers, providing trend and market condition insights and staying closely involved in the development of strategic inventory management plans. 

Opportunity for Improvement

In keeping with this consultative approach, MayerSeedLine says it isn’t driven by how quickly it can do business, but by “the quality with which we do it, and the relationships built along the way.” The company values fair, honest brokerages and prioritizes true understanding of its customers, how they like to do business and what they need to succeed. 

That’s why MayerSeedLine began looking elsewhere when a lack of communication and transparency from its previous third-party logistics provider led to a delayed supply chain that inconvenienced customers. 

“The delays, claims, missed pickups and overall lack of care really started to add up,” said Gina Book, Shipping & Brokerage Support and MayerSeedLine. “We obviously weren’t a priority to our provider – we felt like we were just another number. Nobody there took the time to learn about our business, understand our challenges or appreciate the level of service we provide our customers.” 

Solution Design

Fortunately, that’s when MayerSeedLine met Agforce. We immediately understood the company’s desire to prioritize customer relationships and operate with complete honesty and transparency, because that’s how we do business, too. 

Our team sat down with the MayerSeedLine team and – after multiple long discussions about their business, their industry landscape, the challenges they face and their goals for customer service now and into the future – designed an adaptive solution to fit their business model. 

Because we have extensive experience in each of our key industries, including agriculture, we were able to match MayerSeedLine with an expert who has a background in seed corn. This deep knowledge combined with our customer-centric approach to logistics means we can stay agile and nimble in our relationship with MayerSeedLine. We consider them our partners, and stay actively engaged with them throughout the year. 

“Agforce takes the time to understand my needs as an individual customer – we are not treated like a number,” says Book. “The customer service I get from my representative is amazing, but what’s even more amazing is the true understanding of our industry. Agforce gives us the kind of partnership we try to give our clients. It is nice to have someone I can rely on to help me get through the crazy shipping season.”

Today’s Processes

Through continual collaboration with MayerSeedLine, Agforce has managed to eliminate all their previous transportation and shipping pain points. We can’t control all potential delays, but we can control how we react to them and how we communicate with our customers. This means being easily accessible every day and constantly striving to improve upon the already-high service standards the MayerSeedLine team has gotten used to. 

Because Agforce has been so trustworthy and reliable, MayerSeedLine not only has peace of mind and confidence that shipping will no longer be a bottleneck in its customer service, but it regularly refers Agforce to its peers, which we consider the ultimate stamp of approval. 

MayerSeedLine’s best interests are a top priority for Agforce, as are the best interests of all our customers – and it shows. We prove our commitment to quality and honesty in every interaction with every one of our partners.

If your company could use a little more transparency and the understanding of a true industry expert, reach out to the Agforce team. We love nothing more than designing custom solutions to meet our customers’ business needs. Call us at 877.367.2324 or email us at