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Kudos to our Carrier Partners

June 15, 2020

How trustworthy would a logistics provider be if it couldn’t trust its carrier partners? Not very. When you see how closely Agforce partners with clients, you can trust, too, that we partner just as closely with our carriers.

“Historically, the relationship between brokers and carriers has been rocky,” says Mike Tuley, Director of Logistics and Execution. “Brokers that focus exclusively on the customer side without building partnerships with core carriers lack the infrastructure and network of carriers that make the business run successfully. Striking the balance of what’s available vs. what capacity you have access to with carrier preference of freight profiles and lanes is what creates balance and growth.”

Agforce strives to match the right carrier with the right load, every time. We want to understand carrier networks and needs, so we can make business easier for everyone. Strong relationships between logistics providers and their carrier partners result in overwhelming benefits for the carriers, the 3PLs and the end customers, including:

  • Controlled costs in volatile markets
  • Higher levels of customer service
  • Better problem-solving for logistical challenges
  • Greater efficiencies
  • Stronger communication and more transparency end-to-end
  • More enjoyable working environments for everyone

Justin Hathaway, Carrier Sales Manager, asserts that the “importance of good carrier partners cannot be overstated. They are a vital part of what we do at Agforce. Without them we cannot fulfill our obligations to our customers and we cannot meet the goals set forth for our business.”

This means we stay true to our carrier partners and the relationships we’ve built, even when it means taking on a bit more overhead on our end. It’s the only way we can ensure the service we provide to our clients is impeccable over the years, even as conditions change.

“Savvy carriers understand that just like any industry, there is market volatility, says Brian Phipps, Director of Carrier Sales. “Relationships are one of the ways to counteract some of that volatility. Agforce doesn’t just chase the money when freight is slow. We concentrate on funneling freight to carrier partners that have demonstrated a relationship with the company.”

“The ultimate goal is to ensure capacity remains with Agforce throughout if/when the truck market eventually tightens up again,” he continues. “There are numerous benefits to utilizing all true carrier partners to everyone with this approach. Better proactive communication, mitigate monetary market fluctuations, improved customer service, more on-time deliveries, and more. Carrier partnerships are invaluable.”

“Exclusively buying capacity on the spot market exposes a 3PL and their customer partners to a much higher financial risk,” Tuley says. “Seasonality, weather, and market disruptors like the Coronavirus can produce equally favorable or unfavorable conditions with short notice. Carrier relationships are excellent stabilizers when market conditions change.”

And carrier partnerships don’t just matter over the long-term. Day to day, working with carriers we trust and respect helps business run more smoothly.

“Carrier partners, when on our load, are the face of Agforce, says Jason Beinke. “They’re an extension of our business, the people who represent us across the nation.”

When it comes down to it, our carrier partnerships are truly what keeps Agforce running. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to service our customers – and our company wouldn’t exist. We trust our carriers with our business … and our customers can, too.

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