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Agforce: Your LTL Leaders

August 5, 2020

It’s pretty common that when a company is just getting off the ground, its entire team is working overtime, wearing dozens of hats and trying to be everything to everyone. Agforce was no exception. Because of the deep experience and knowledge our team has, that worked well … for a while. As we grew, we realized we needed to become more strategic and more dedicated to the needs of our customers. So we started focusing on industries – Wine & Spirits, Agribusiness, Food & Beverage, Plastics & Packaging. We brought on experts who knew these industries inside and out. 

But as we grew even more, we realized that customers within each industry still have wildly varied transportation needs, depending on what they’re moving, from where, at what time of year, and so on. That’s when we decided to start creating dedicated services teams – experts who work alongside our industry team members to coordinate the best transport for whatever you’re moving. 

Meet our Dedicated LTL Team

We’re thrilled to let you know Agforce now has a dedicated LTL team, created specifically to meet less-than-truckload needs across all industries, on all routes. 

Okay, so a 3PL offering LTL … big deal, right? But Agforce is different. 

You can trust us to understand, analyze and predict the intricacies of this $44B a year market through all its ups and downs. As carriers go out of business, unexpected global occurrences unsettle international shipping (COVID-19, anyone?), and dynamic and spot rates rise and fall, you can rely on Agforce to make sure you’re making the best choices for your needs. We watch the market carefully and have the expertise to guide our customers toward the best choice for you. 

By matching your unique needs to our trusted carrier partners, you get the best value in standard, expedited, volume, partial and temp-controlled LTL. And working with the Agforce LTL team isn’t just smart – it’s easy. Our LTL offerings are:

  • Flexible. You can get a quote and book online … or not! It’s up to you. We find many of our customers prefer the personal service of their friendly Agforce rep.
  • Communicative. Transportation doesn’t always go smoothly – we all know that. But when an issue crops up, the way your 3PL addresses it makes all the difference. Our LTL team works hand-in-hand with our carrier partners to find solutions to problems before you even know they exist. 
  • Competitive. We can’t always be the cheapest, but we will always give you the best value. Not only do our service and response time set us apart, but our deep understanding of the LTL market means we know when spending a little more on the front end will deliver more ROI on the back end. 

You Have LTL Business – any company transporting goods does. It’s time to give that business the attention it deserves. Your customers will thank you. 

Our LTL team would love to talk more about what sets us apart from other logistics providers you’ve worked with in the past. We’re willing to bet you’ll be able to feel the difference on the very first phone call … so let’s give it a try. Call us at 877.367.2324 or email to see what we’re all about. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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