Building better logistic relationships

We take what you don’t like about the logistics industry and fix it.

About us

Agforce Transport Services was founded in 2015 by a team of six people frustrated with their experience working in the logistics industry. Tired of seeing companies put their own interests in front of their customers’, we decided to change the game.

We set out to redefine what a third-party logistics provider looks like, how it operates and how it treats its customers. We’ve found that when we do what’s right for you, things work out for us, too. Agforce consistently sees 50-60% revenue growth year-over-year, we make that happen by focusing on your bottom line, not ours.

We’ve reinvested in our growth by building a team of experts who know your industry and its challenges inside and out. This deep, specialized knowledge means we truly understand what matters to your business and can solve your problems quickly. And despite our continued success, we’re dedicated to staying lean and agile enough to bring you the flexible service Agforce partners have come to rely on.

Together. Simplifying logistics.

Service when
it counts

We’re there for you when it matters, and we understand that every load is important – no matter what you’re shipping. When you reach out to Agforce, you won’t just get a quick response from someone you already know, but the agility to actually deliver on your needs.


Too many logistics providers only touch base when something goes wrong. Agforce communicates always. We build our partnerships by getting the information needed before you even knew you needed it.

Honesty, integrity,

We deliver on what we say we’re going to do, period. And if anything gets in the way of that delivery, you’ll hear it from us ASAP – with a solution.

By the numbers

We could talk all day about the Agforce difference. Or you could see for yourself:

New customers from referrals in 2019
Customer retention
Customers who get a real person on the phone
Place in our customers’ hearts

“They do the worrying for me. I used to get pulled in a million directions and had to have all the answers. Now I have Agforce.”

Supply Chain Director

Wine and Spirits Company

Our history



Taking pride in going above and beyond.


Building trust through open, honest communications.


We are team members not employees, together we win.


Focused on delivering unique solutions specific to each business.


Adapting and succeeding in a rapidly changing environment.


Being humble in our success while giving credit to others.


Delivering high quality experiences, every time.


Deliver on our commitments, be forthcoming about progress and outcomes.

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