Companies often cite their leaders’ combined years of experience. But Michael Preisinger and Andy Tuley don’t just have 25 years of collective experience in the transportation industry. They have 25 years of collective passion for developing compelling business models, building best-in-class teams and providing unparalleled customer service. That collective passion is what inspires the Agforce team and drives the quality and success of the company.

Preisinger, Agforce’s managing director, and Tuley, VP of business development, are both committed to bolstering the company’s position as a world-class freight brokerage company led by committed, passionate people. “We formed Agforce to create a melting pot of experience that incorporates the best people, processes and ideas together under one roof,” Preisinger says. “We’re unmatched when it comes to focusing on the customer experience.”

The leadership qualities of Preisinger and Tuley set the bar for the team: their knowledge, inspiration, energy, commitment and drive is contagious; and they leverage those qualities to motivate the team and lead Agforce with focus and compassion. “We all get better every day at something we love doing,” Tuley says.

“The one thing you cannot teach is for an employee to care,” Preisinger says. “Our teams strive daily to make Agforce the best in the industry.”