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A Speed Bump Emerges for ELD

Elog Systems Not Working as Expected By now, most organizations know how important it is to work with their transportation provider to ensure which carriers are compliant with new federal reporting requirements for truck drivers and which ones are not. For businesses that rely on moving their cargo, choosing the right freight supplier is more […]

Diversifying Carriers to Manage Rate Volatility

A variety of complex market factors—including fuel costs, driver shortages, and a broad range of available shipping options—can make freight and logistics decisions a challenge for businesses. Shippers should do their best to be aware of the economic and market conditions that drive the logistics decisions they must make. An ongoing capacity crunch can create […]

Mixing Modes: Why OTR is Giving Way to Intermodal

As over the road (OTR) transportation continues to rise in higher fuel costs and present additional challenges such as capacity shortages and environmental concerns, shippers are turning more and more to intermodal solutions as a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly option. Here’s a look inside intermodal and why it could be the ideal solution for your […]

The Rewards of Rail

Securing the best transportation options while achieving as much value and cost savings possible is no easy task for individuals responsible for managing the supply chain and transportation processes. Adding to the economic factor factors are complexities of customer expectations, order visibility, inventory management and various types of cargo shipping requirements for diverse product lines. […]

How to Get Ahead of Logistics Challenges

By Andy Tuley, Vice President, Business Development Here’s an article recently published in Logistics Management. I’m sharing because it  provides some insightful analysis of logistics and encapsulates how Agforce Transport Services (ATS) approaches these kinds of hurdles in transportation. Our organization focuses on business process improvement by deploying technology and streamlining communication. In order to cut […]

Agforce Grows Community Service Presence

Agforce Transport Services has found success collaborating with a regional organization to deliver charitable goods. In April, Agforce partnered with GTM Sportswear to deliver pallets of shoes to the Soles4Souls charity. GTM Sportswear, owned by HanesBrands Inc., liquidated 17 pallets of shoes and began bidding transportation to deliver their charitable contribution. Excited about aiding in […]

Preparing for the Elog Mandate: How It Impacts Your Business

According to a recent report, 15 percent of the industry won’t be ELD compliant by the December 18, 2017, deadline. Given that the latest count of carriers is 1,516,510, that means 227,476 carriers are scrambling to order, install and train their staffs on Elogs. Some delays are a result of financial challenges and procrastination. Therefore, it’s […]

Riding the Storm Out

The recent flurry of foul weather doesn’t just wreak havoc people who live and own businesses in hurricane-ravaged regions. Destructive hurricanes like Harvey and Irma also can have lasting aftereffects on the transportation sector. “The chaos begins even before the storm hits,” says Michael Preisinger, managing director of Agforce Transport Services. “Leading up to the […]

Market News – Flatbed and Oversized Freight Options

Businesses with larger loads requiring special equipment utilize flatbed and oversized options to move their freight. This mode meets specific size and weight requirements with various types of equipment including: Standard step decks Standard flats Double drops/lowboys Hot shots 53’ trailers Flatbed demand is thriving this year. According to DAT, load-to-truck ratio has doubled year-over-year […]

Rising Flatbed Demands Could Impact Freight Decisions

Since August of last year flatbed demand in the United States has increased steadily. It’s critical that any business considering flatbed transportation as an option for its shipping needs understand the many contributing factors that impact supply and demand—not to mention cost—of flatbed freight. Regardless of your industry, knowing the forces at work when it […]