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From recyclables to regrind, Agforce understands your freight.

No matter where you are in the supply chain – from milk jugs to plastic pellets, forks to trash cans and everything in between, Agforce understands.

As a plastics and packaging organization, there’s a good chance you’re located an hour or two outside a major metropolitan area, and an even better chance that a logistics provider has given you trouble about it. With us, there’s no need to worry. We respect your aim for purity and understand your need to move freight when it needs to be moved.

Our team can move your product on time and with the care you expect. We get how unique the plastics and packaging industry really is, and how varied your transport needs are. Shipping bakery trays on wheeled dollies in a 53’ dry van? Been there. How about bales of recycled floor-loaded plastic or bulk numbers of trash cans on wheels? Done that. We know what it really takes to get your unique products from place to place.

When you need greater visibility to your product, access to the capacity you need and an experienced partner that makes the most of any available resources, you can count on Agforce.

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