Rising Flatbed Demands Could Impact Freight Decisions

Since August of last year flatbed demand in the United States has increased steadily. It’s critical that any business considering flatbed transportation as an option for its shipping needs understand the many contributing factors that impact supply and demand—not to mention cost—of flatbed freight. Regardless of your industry, knowing the forces at work when it […]

Evaluating Freight Bids and Transportation Strategies

As a decision-maker in the industry, you are likely in the midst of the bidding season and planning process. This is the best time to evaluate the economic demands and supply chain complexities that impact your freight transportation model and strategy. It’s also a vital time to evaluate your existing and new carriers and brokers […]

Third-Party Logistics – 4 Hassles to Avoid

For any company tasked with providing products or materials to downstream customers, “starting with the end in mind” means implementing a logistics strategy based around end-user demands. In many cases this involves managing an efficient ordering and shipping process that faces the complexities of reducing freight costs, gaining supply chain visibility, managing inventory levels and […]

Business Logistics: Key Trends That Are Here to Stay

Technology is already playing a significant role today. We will continue to see this trend throughout the coming years. The reason technology greatly impacts businesses is that customers are demanding more visibility, and their expectations are changing. Today people want product delivery reliability and within their budget. Companies are looking for a trusted transportation and logistics provider to meet consumer trends.

Holiday Logistics – Behind the Scenes

It’s September, which means holiday merchandising is right around the corner. Along with it – third-quarter reviews that sometimes drive last-minute strategy tweaks. In a heartbeat, months of holiday planning can be upended. Hail Marys aren’t uncommon in this industry, although the act of getting product to shelf can at times seem nothing short of […]