Think outside the (trailer) box

Agforce has the answers for your shipping needs.

Ship with a partner you can rely on

It would be great if each shipment could be transported the same way. You’d never have to think about logistics! But that isn’t the case. You’re dealing with your industry, your customers, their demands and their expectations: creating a situation that’s completely unique. Throw a few of those factors together and you’ll recognize the need to work with an experienced logistics provider.

But not with Agforce. Our industry expertise, carrier partners and proven agility combine to make us the solution to your logistics needs. We know which questions to ask to ensure a positive customer experience. We offer options and explain the differences in cost, transit, timing and liability. And once we’ve helped you make your choice? We communicate proactively from quote through delivery.

Flexible freight options


Whatever your priority is, we have the carrier capacity to meet your needs. Agforce offers transactional, contractual and dedicated solutions for moving your product reliably.

Less-than-truckload (LTL)

We bring expertise to LTL. By matching your unique needs to our trusted carrier partners, you get the best value in standard, expedited, volume, partial and temp-controlled LTL.


We’re your inside source for moving from road to rail and back again. Our close relationships with all five Class 1 railroads provides excellent access to intermodal solutions. Currently moving intermodal or converting from a different mode, we have access to the capacity and tools you need for successful shipments. Our understanding of their networks means less hassle for you.


Whether you have a shipment that needs to be frozen, chilled or protected from freeze, moved via intermodal, truckload or LTL, we give you access. Our various modes of temp-controlled transportation, include real-time temperature recording for peace of mind.

Dry bulk

For us, matching you with the equipment is a given. From hoppers to walking floors, we do it all. It’s our understanding of your product (from food grade to industrial products) and go-to-market concerns that set us apart.

Liquid bulk

Agforce handles your free-flowing liquid freight with confidence. Whether it’s ag-chem, fish oil, grain alcohol or molasses, we match your product with the appropriate tanker solution … and take care of the rest.


When you require a dedicated or partial flatbed, step deck, hotshot, double drop or RGN, we’ll help you choose the correct equipment for your needs to ensure the product is loaded as securely and safely as possible. Our knowledgeable team can navigate over-dimensional loads and permitting processes as well.


Fill in the gaps in your cartage business. When you need a national network to service every port and inland ramp, or an international port-to-port shipping partner, we have the partnerships you need.


If it’s a Friday at the end of the month and you can’t restart production until you get the part you need, our team delivers for you – faster and with less headache.

Final mile

From hub to home, or wherever the final portion of your supply chain journey begins and ends, Agforce has the agility to make the final connection and bring any logistics journey to a close, all wrapped up in a bow.

Other services and offerings

The Agforce commitment to making your life easier extends far beyond the freight we move. Partner with us for:

  • Project freight
  • Warehouse solutions
  • Reverse logistics
  • Inbound vendor management
  • Consolidation
  • Transportation outsourcing
  • And more!
Agforce employees

The Agforce carrier network

When you put your freight in our hands, you put your trust in us, too. That trust is the cornerstone of our partnership with you, and we work hard to ensure it’s never broken. That’s why we choose and vet our extensive, carrier network with the utmost care and precision. Just like you view Agforce as an extension of your company, we view our carriers as an extension of us. We ensure carrier compliance by:

  • Verifying carrier authority, on-file insurance certificates, legal operating status, safety rating and approved safety plan every day (we never rely on carrier-provided documents alone).
  • Ensuring the carrier does not appear on any legal reports and has not had a claim filed against them through our partner law firms every week
  • Review the TIA website for reports filed and review FMCSA filing histories regularly
  • Consider FMCSA status reports provided by SaferWatch regarding roadside inspections, accidents and more at time of load consideration
Truck on highway

Take the stress out of shipping

Our services are agile, flexible and designed around your freight and your needs. Start building a reliable partnership today.