Partner testimonials

We don’t need to pat ourselves on the back…we have partners to do it for us.

“We engage in strategic partnerships to ensure excellent customer service, and Agforce has become one partner that excelled at logistics above and beyond others out there. We can count on their expertise in the industry, offering us the best options at the best prices, always with a smile and a willingness to take care of business in a prompt manner.”

Director of Sales

Food Products Company

“Agforce is dedicated to not only providing the best logistics service but also providing the best communication. I have instant access to updates, reporting tools and a tremendous customer service team.”

Director of Transportation

Wine and Spirits Company

“Agforce learned my business, the challenges, demands and what makes our team successful. They are a tremendous asset. They are able to help me solve logistics problems with creative and cost-effective solutions.”

Director of Transportation

Wine and Spirits Company

“They do the worrying for me. I used to get pulled in a million directions and had to have all the answers. Now I have Agforce.”

Chain Administrator

Wine and Spirits Company

“We use Agforce’s flatbed division because of their dependability, service and relationship. We value them as a strategic partner to help our business run and continue to grow.”

VP of Operations

Steel Pipe Manufacturer

“Agforce has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are always quick to respond, thorough, and deliver right on time with zero issues! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for excellent customer service.”

Manager of Operations and Logistics

Food Company

“The entire Agforce team looks at me as more than a customer, rather as a business partner. This has led to a successful relationship for both companies. The Agforce team is also unique, as each person I have worked with seems to possess a passion – a passion to learn my business, a passion to educate me on the industry and a passion for what they are doing.”

VP of Purchasing

Beverage Company

“After years of piecemealing our logistics operation through multiple brokers, we are very thankful to be using only Agforce for all of our freight needs. Their team is very helpful and have quickly grasped the unique needs of our business. I have gone from spending 50% of my working time managing logistics for our company, to spending less than 10% of my time on such matters.”

Business Manager

Water Filtration Company

“It is truly amazing. Agforce has removed the burden of our freight shipping unknowns. We can confidently make purchasing projections, a key in the retention of our business, and know things will deliver the way they are supposed to.”

Inventory and Transportation Manager

Alcohol Distributor

“It’s been a big weight off my shoulders. Agforce just makes freight easier.”

Shipping Coordinator

Seed Company

“Agforce takes the time to understand my needs as an individual customer – we are not treated like a number. The customer service I get from my representative is amazing, but what’s even more amazing is the true understanding of our industry. Agforce gives us the kind of partnership we try to give our clients. It is nice to have someone I can rely on to help me get through the crazy shipping season.”

Logistics Manager

Seed Company

“I trust this team to handle our business honestly and fairly, and now I’m looking for new ways to use Agforce in other aspects of our business. That’s how well they continue to meet and exceed my expectations every day.”


Alcohol Distributor

“One of my biggest challenges is really finding a company that I can trust and build that relationship with, and look at them as an extension of our company. At the end of the day, we are in the business of logistics, and as we all know, things go wrong. If there’s anything that goes wrong, Agforce will come to me directly right when it happens, so we can start fixing the problem before my end customer even knows it was a problem. That’s one of the biggest reasons I work with Agforce.”

Director of Sales and Logistics

Wine Company

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